Poker terms explained

Poker terms explained

Poker is a popular card game. This gambling game is not only dependant on the lady-luck but also it required some skills and game strategies. Poker is ideally played between 6-7 members.

Let’s comprehend some of the basic poker terminologies and their meaning:

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All in

Here the player puts all of his possessed chips into the pot. The player is called an ‘all in’ which signifies that he won’t participate are any more bets apart from his all-in amount.

Ante: This refers to the mandatory bet that the entire player needs to make to continue playing

Backdoor: A backdoor hand in poker needs both the turn card and river card

Bad beat: This signifies a good hand which is beaten by a better hand. The better hand was previously way behind but managed to get the blessings of the lady luck

Big Slick: The hand of Ace king is given the name of big slick

Blinds: These are the obligatory bets placed intentionally to make the player blind

Bluff: making a bet with the hope that your opponent will fold and you will eventually win the pot

Calling Station:  The player who calls too often is known as a calling station. This is quite a derogatory term

Cards Speak: Here the values of the cards speak for themselves

Donkey: An opponent who is not playing well and wasting his money

Drawing Dead: This happens in a draw where the player will lose no matter whichever card he has got

Fish: This is similar to a donkey and refers to someone who is not playing well

Gutshot: This is a straight draw with only four outs

Heads up: this happens when someone plays against a single opponent

Isolate: Isolation encourages one or more players to fold

Limp: when the players bet their absolute minimum then it is called as limp.

Monster: Refers to a strong hand who is a sure-shot winner

Muck – Muck is nothing but a pile of dead cards

Nuts – Refers to the best available hand on the board. 

Out – The bout card that ameliorates your hand and makes you a winner

Rags – These are the futile cards


Rainbow – Contains three or four board cards of different suits

Runner-Runner – This refers to the hand having both the turn and the river cards. 

Sandbag – Here a game strategy is used and players hide the strength in their hand by playing slow previously to make more money later

String Bet – Here the player does an illegal move and does not declare to wish to raise but instead puts out chips to call

Tilt – An aggressive player who is desperate to win is called a tilt

Under the Gun – This refers to the player at the end of the button who should act first. 

Wheel –It consists of Ace-2-3-4-5. This is also commonly termed as a bicycle wheel or just a bike.

Hence the below terminologies will help you to understand this addictive game in a better way. This can also be played online and the adrenaline rush can be felt.